Face the 2017th New Year in UAE: 5 ideas to celebrate

Actually it doesn’t matter are you a tourist in UAE or resident. Anyway Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Nothern emirates are unlimitedly explorable for all. Moreover we are talking about the New Year celebration.

How and where meet and face the 2017th New Year in UAE? You decide.

  1. Dubai Luxury Hotel. It’s unbelievably amazing and unforgettable. But unfortunately expensive. For this option we recommend the Burj Al Arab.
  2. If you are an adventuristic and romantic soul, just go for overnight desert safari. ٍSo Bedouin Oasis Camp could be a great point in this case.
  3. Free and interesting: New Year show and Fontaine next to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall.
  4. Nice and pleasure: Stroll along the JBR and Dubai Marina.
  5. Like a paradise: stay in one of the coastal hotels of Nothern Emirates. Rotana the cove in Ras Al Khaimah is the best choice.

Translated from Emiratka.com 

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