A new radar in Dubai to detect rain and to identify the types of thunderstorms from 200km away

Dubai unveils new radar to detect rain from 200km away. The radar will be able to identify the types of thunderstorms and their time of occurrence and direction.

Dubai Municipality has launched a new radar project to develop its early warning system for weather forecasting, it was announced on Wednesday.

The Meteorological Radar project will deploy a radar which can detect rain drops in the clouds from a distance of 200km as well as identify the types of thunderstorms and their time of occurrence and direction, official news agency WAM reported.

Meteorologists will be able to analyse the radar observations and predict the passage of a storm over a certain area.

They will also be able to provide advance warning to the public and those in charge about the path of a cyclone, a whirlwind, a severe storm, cloud direction, the place and intensity of a downpour, the report added.

The project is being implemented as part of plans to monitor climate change and its impact on all the regions in Dubai.

Iman Al Khatibi, head of Geodetic and Marine Survey Department, Dubai Municipality, said, “The Meteorological Radar project highlights the continuous development of the weather forecasting system of Najm Sohail, one of the best meteorological systems used for technology at the regional level.

“Through its development, Dubai Municipality strives to provide and maintain sustainability in public safety with the best services to the public and partners.”

The meteorological radar has been installed in coordination with Sky Dive at the Fly Dubai building Dubai on Al Ain Road, because the “building has the best contour height to get a 360 degree circular coverage of all areas of Dubai for the radar range and the least impact of jamming sources”, the WAM report added.

Sources: Gulfbusiness.com, timeoutdubai.com

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