Man Has Survived A Vicious Attack From A 200kg Shark in UAE

A man was attacked by a shark near Khor Fakkan (which weirdly translates to ‘Creek of Two Jaws’), on the east coast of the UAE and has lived to tell the tale.

The seasoned Emirati fisherman, 41 yers old, was returning to his boat after a free dive on Friday morning when the attack happened. The shark has an estimated weight of 200kg and was captured by the two fishermen present during the attack.


Fortunately, his friend saved his life
Ali Mohammed Hamad Al Beloushi was on a fishing trip accompanied by his friend Omar, and was returning from a fishing dive. He was approximately three meters from the boat when the jaws of a shark clenched onto his right leg.

Omar noticed the shark and fired at it using a fishing gun. Despite several bites on his leg, both Ali and Omar managed to catch the shark and bring it back to shore.

Ali was immediately taken to the Khor Fakkan hospital, he is alive and under medical care.


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