Good idea for weekend! Ras Al Khaimah Zoo: locations, tickets, hours

The zoo, located in Al Dagdaga, is owned by Jasim Ali, general commander of RAK Police.

The two-stage RAK Zoo, which will be built at a total cost of Dh17 million, is the third biggest in the UAE after Al Ain Zoo and the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi.

Jassim Ali, the owner of the zoo, that his personal zoo is home to a variety of 40 wild, rare and endangered animals. “The zoo, situated close to Saqr Park, is built on an area of 1 million square metres.”

The animals include African and white lions, white and rare golden tigers, black panthers and cheetahs, grey and Arab wolves, rare antelopes and deer, as well as a variety of beautiful birds and rare animals, he said.

Ali said the zoo, located at Daqdaqa area opposite the Institute of Applied Technology, has an equestrian club for training women and children, an array of restaurants and cafes. “There is also a special corner for children’s toys, cycle tracks, horse and camel riding tracks, prayer rooms for gents and ladies, toilets, footpaths, family walks and rest areas.”

Ticket cost: AED 30

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